AUGUST 15 – 21H00

Theme: 3 ideas should be taken into account

  1. It’s 80 years of the Girls Youth
  2. The 2011 is the year of the Father on our way to 2014
  3. It’s about making a homage to the Queen (the Mater as our Queen)

Based on these ideas, we want every country to make a homage to our Queen with their originality, that every country expresses the most typical and unique of their youth to show it to all the Girls Youth, but everything turning around one single idea: homage our Queen. In this way we will look our love to her expressed by different cultures.

Time: it will be from 21h00 to 23h00

Acts: every country will have 5 minutes for their acts, only 5 minutes because we are a lot of countries and otherwise not all could have an act.

Confirmation period: it is very important that you confirm your participation before May 31st. If you do not confirm, we will assume that you are NOT going to be part of the festival. Also, we hope you can let us know what is your act going to be about, only the type (if a dance, song, performance, video…) so we can make a mix order of performance.

To contact us, please email: rtamadrid2011@gmail.com