The inscriptions gets done in 4 steps:

1. Register of the group leader (hopefully one per country, the National Girls Youth Coordinator or Adviser).

Go to

The group leader will be the only person in the group who will provide personal data so that we can stay in touch with him. The group leader will choose a password and the registration system will assign a group ID (Identification code) that will be sent by e-mail.The group leader should keep this ID securely for all communications with the WYD.

In the section: "Group Responsible Profile" must be indicated if this leader is priest or secular.

When the data is completed the following charts open:

Congratulations, you successfully finished the register process for being part of the WYD.
Your group ID is (here will appear a series of numbers and letters, i.e. 7ESP112200, you should print it or save it because you will be asked for this ID along with your password to access). Remember that you have to enter to your private area to complete the pending information of your registration and to give your contribution to the Solidarity Fund and to the WYD expenses. Next you will receive an e-mail with a link where you can validate your password.

2. Add the group information:

Once you have your group ID and password you should go to:

In the part "You are already inscribed" you enter your ID and password so you can create your group data.

In the section "General Group Data/info" put:

Group name: (group's country) Schoenstatt Girls Youth. I.e. Argentine's Schoenstatt Girls Youth.
If different groups want to inscribe separately from the same country add another data besides the country. For example:

Germany Munich's Schoenstatt Girls Youth/ Juventud Femenina Schoenstatt Alemania Munich

This is really important because it will be easier to not separate groups during the accommodations because we will have easily identifiable names that won’t be confused with the Boys Youth.

In Identity Type: put "Movement"

In Accommodation type put: "Collective Accommodation" which is managed by the WYD.

In Inscription Type: put "A1 Pack-All included week"

- The WYD doesn’t accepts groups with international members, in which case they have to make two or several groups or join to a country’s group. For example, if there are costa Ricans with Mexicans, It would be better to place them as Mexicans only. So that way they won’t be separated.

In short (we will let you know when it’s already functioning), it should appear an application that will let us join the groups in a "Belonging Relationship" that will join us to "Mother" group (which is Spain’s girls Youth, from which I am the responsible). In this way we will be placed together in the accommodation place and in the final vigil with the Pope. When this service is running on the website you will have to do the following:

- In the section “Belonging Relationships” (not already functioning) introduce the root group ID from Spain’s Schoenstatt Girls Youth whose ID number is 7ESP1144684.

- Afterwards, this root group will have to accept the relationship and we will be together during the whole WYD.

3. Payment
Pay as indicated in the webpage:


- If you pay before March 31, there will be a 5% discount.

- Once that you pay, the group will be closed. You won’t be able to make any modifications at all nor inscribe any more people. In such case, you would have to create a new group and that would not be the ideal thing to do.

4. Inscriptions for the International Girls Youth and Combined Encounters

The International Girls Youth Encounter will be on august, Monday 15 and Tuesday 16, ending with the official opening Mass of the WYD to which we are going to be with the International Boys Youth . The combined Encounter will we on late Wednesday august 17, in the Pozuelo Shrine.

The extra cost for this encounters will be 35€, which cover food (for the 15, which is not included in the WYD Pack) plus the adjustments costs, materials, and others.

Information for advisers or coordinators that come with mixed groups

If you want that your girls and boys participate in the International Youth Encounters, you will have to inscribe them as two separate groups. For the girls, follow the steps previously mentioned; and for the boys is almost the same but you will have to do it with the following data and in coordination with F. Miguel Kast whom is in charge:

Group: "Schoenstatt Varones Monte Tabor"

ID:  7ESP1142065

Coordinator/In charge: P. Miguel Kast

They will be in a school very close to the Pozuelo Shrine and to the Girl’s accommodation place.

To contact us, please email: