5 Letter to the Girl's Youth

Madrid, January 20, 2011

Dear International Girls Youth:

We have already started the 2011, year of the WYD and our International Encounter that will open our way together to the 2014 Jubilee!

With this letter we send you a detailed proposal for the

August 15 and 16, 2011

It’s a proposal made from the conclusions of the International Pre-Encounter that we had in Schönstatt, on September.

We invite you to answer the following questions:

  1. Give your opinion about the schedule and activities proposed. We want this encounter to be from all of you, we will expect your SUGGESTIONS.
  2. You will see that in the ‘RESPONSIBLE/in charge” column, only appears ‘Spain’ in some of the activities. We will look forward for your offering to assume an activity. What would you like to prepare?
  3. We want to make a ‘book’ that will include the program content, liturgies, songs, etc. We would it to be in several languages and, for now, we have no inconvenient in making them in Spanish, English, German and Portuguese. If you would like the book in some other LANGUAGE, we need to work together with someone of your country so that she can traduce it. Let us know please.
  4. We would like to know the reality of the Girls Youth in all the countries, because of that we encourage you to bring your story, life, streams, projects, etc., graphically. Later on we will tell you the measures of the STAND that we will give to you for the “GIRL’S YOUTH EXPO”.
  5. We want to have a CAPITAL OF GRACE before and/or during the Encounter. Do you have any ideas?
  6. The 15th we would like to end the day crowning our Mater. It can’t be a casualty that on that exact day the Girls Youth turns 80 years from its foundation. With what TITLE we would like to crown the Mater?
  7. On Tuesday we want to make exchange groups divided by languages. For that we need LEADERS for these groups. When you send us the final list of inscriptions, please indicate who could be able to lead these groups.
  8. We have a gorgeous motto (“With you, Father, Living Crown for the Church”) but maybe our encounter could have a NAME. We will wait for your suggestions.
  9. We want to prepare together the RTA’S FESTIVAL. It would be amazing if you could prepare a typical song or dance from your country to dedicate to our Queen. Let us know what you are going to prepare and how many minutes/time you’ll need.
  10. We need every country to bring their national FLAG and Youth’s FLAG.
  11. Send us soon the approximate NUMBER of girls that will participate in the Encounter.

Please, from now on the CONTACT MAIL will be rtamadrid2011@gmail.com

We are waiting with lots of illusion and we want to prepare everything well, but, mostly, we want to prepare this encounter with all of you, with the participation, richness and originality of every country.

Lots of Greetings from our Pozuelo’s Shrine, and united in the RTA,

Hna. María Montserrat Osés                    and                     Clara Aymerich y Consejo

          hnarta2011@gmail.com                                     clara_aymerich@hotmail.com


Ph. 0034 91 709 00 63

To contact us, please email: rtamadrid2011@gmail.com