1 Letter to the Girl's Youth

Madrid, March 10, 2010

Dear Girl's Youth:

You canít imagine our happiness to invite you to the XXII World Youth Day that will have place in Madrid, on august 2011. The Pope comes to Madrid to meet with us and thousand of youngsters worldwide, isnít it extraordinary? We hope with all our heart that you come; we are waiting for you with our wide open arms!

A couple of years ago, before the last World Youth Day in Sydney, the Pope Benedict XVI, said to us:

ďDear friends: The time to say goodbye has come, or, really, to say until next time. I thank you for participating in 2008ís World Youth Day, here in Sydney, and I hope that we will see each other three years from now. 2011ís World Youth Day till take place in Madrid, Spain. Until that moment, letís pray for one another, y letís give to the World a joyful image of Christ. May God bless you all.Ē

We also long to see you here, in Madrid, in a short time, with a full of joy spirit, as the Pope asked us. Itís about a Encounter that requires a lot of preparation. So, for now, we ask you to unite in pray with our youth, to keep on praying for the organization of this big day.

The motto of this encounter will be a Living Crown. Donít you think itís amazing? The crown represents the Worldís youth, united by the hand, united to celebrate their faith along with the Pope, under the cross. They make our Materís living crown, and, in that spirit, they want to show other teenagers that the fastest and safest way to reach Christ is through Mary, Mother of God and Mother of us. This teenagers and each one of us have in Maryís faith, the example and role model to reach Christ and make true the WYDís main objective: give their message to the whole world.

To us, as Schoenstatt Girls, this mission is more real for us. All the International Girls Youth is trespassed by the spirit of being Maryís Living Crown. Donít you think that it is about a personal call from our Queen? Isnít she asking us to crown her? We think this is not casualty, but that our Mater wants us to accept the mission of being living reflexes of her crown.

This is why we think it is important to organize a Girls Youth International Encounter taking advantage of the WYDís date. To be able to start preparing it, we would like to know which your aspirations are. What do you think of making this International Encounter also a preparation for our 2014ís Jubilee?

Subsequently, you can see our proposal for the days of the encounter along with the principal activities of the WYD with the Pope.

Another activity that we thought we could have is an encounter with the Boys Youth too, what do you think about it? As you see, we propose to do this one in an evening. We are open to listen to your suggestions so please donít doubt to contact us.

United in the RTA,

Madridís Girls Youth

To contact us, please email: rtamadrid2011@gmail.com